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Home and Work Place Charge Point Installation

Charge Point

Home Charge Points

At home you will charge your vehicle over night meaning that every morning you will wake up with a full battery, like having a petrol station at your house. Installing a wall box is really simple and it allows you to charge your vehicle at 7.4 kwh (or 22 miles an hour). You don’t need any more than this because this is when your car will be at stationary for it’s longest.

We can provide professional, registered installers to provide a home charging solution which meets your needs

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Work Place Charging

If you have a charger at work you will find it to be very similar to your charger at the house, it will allow you to charge while parked for long periods giving you the ability to access a full charge for the journey home. When out having fun, car parks, leisure centres, cinemas and malls all now are starting to have higher powered charging. 11kwh and 22kwh can be available, depending on your car this will mean you can receive upto 68 miles an hour when charging.

These again use the Type 2 interface. Right now when you go to the cinema or out for a meal your car is sat doing nothing for three hours, meaning on the right charging system you would have a full charge by the time you left.

Our highly experienced team of electrical engineers can support the planning, implementation and management of work place and public charge points for your staff and visitors.

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Charger Installation

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